Permanent Roof Replacement Or Repair

Once the immediate fix is installed, it’s time to get in touch with the professionals. Professional roofing contractors can visit your home, assess the damage, and help you submit a claim to your insurance company to make sure you get the necessary work completed for an affordable price.

Permanent roof repair can include replacing damaged shingles, flashing, or fascia. These can be considered very effective for small areas, but sometimes a full roof replacement will be necessary. A hail-damaged roof, especially one that just got blasted by hundreds of baseball-sized ice chunks, can be hurt beyond repair. Roof replacement, although costly, can be your best solution moving forward.

A few ways to help justify the costs of an expensive roof repair:

  • A new roof helps improve the value of your home. People love new roofs.
  • A new roof acts as a strong barrier against future storms.
  • A new roof protects the interior structure of the home, eliminating chances for mold and deterioration.

By moving forward with a full roof replacement immediately after a storm, you are more likely to have this home improvement project covered by insurance since it was the storm that caused the project to be completed to begin with.

Essentially, deciding whether to pursue roof repairs or a full roof replacement comes down to how much you respect the integrity of your home. If you want the structure to stay strong for decades, then give a professional a call to assess the damage and provide solutions. Trust an expert who is willing to educate you about the solutions and not someone who just wants to do as much work as possible on your dime.

Roof replacement is a big project and should not be taken lightly. Do your research to find a solution that is best for your home and for your budget.