Quick Fixes For Immediate Roof Leaks

Following a big storm (or any storm if you want to be thorough), it’s best to do a quick inspection for damage. If a hail-damaged roof goes unnoticed, you may experience leaks, mold, or rotting structure. If a leak is quite apparent, it’s important you do what you can right away to prevent the damage from spreading. Then, call a professional to come inspect your home. A pro can give an estimate for you to file with your insurance claim. While you wait for the professional to perform roof repairs, you may find these quick roof leak fixes helpful. Please remember to not do any inspections until the storm has passed and it is safe for you to get on the roof.

When the roof is leaking, grab a bucket. It’s the oldest trick in the book for a reason – it works! By collecting leaking water in a bucket, you save your floor from water damage.

A storm that ripped off shingles was a strong storm indeed. A quick fix for missing shingles is roofing tar. Spread tar on the damaged area; be sure to get tar onto the shingles still intact so it creates a strong seal against future moisture.

If there is damage along the flashing or other part of the roof, you can use roofing cement to get the job done. This acts like roofing tar and can be applied in a similar way; however, it sticks better to metal and other materials found on the roof.

If a large portion of the roof was damaged and is now exposed, a quick fix is to grab a tarp or two and hold it down with bricks or sandbags. The tarp should go over the peak of the roof in order to prevent water from leaking down and through the cracks.

Use these quick fixes just as they are intended – for a short term solution. Using these DIY solutions as permanent holds can be equally, if not more, damaging for the structure without addressing the problem directly.