About Altex Remodeling And Roofing

Our Story

We came from the custom home building background and working in the Insurance industry as property adjusters. But with the support of our friends and first customers, we transitioned into supporting our fellow neighbors in their times of need. Combined with over 15 years’ experience in building custom homes, Altex Remodeling will always deliver quality work that is second to none whether it is a roof leak repair or a full roof replacement. Altex Remodeling realizes that our customers always come first because without you, Altex Remodeling would cease to exist – it’s a hard fact many companies have started to overlook.

Our Mission

We never want to lose sight of what’s best for you. As Altex Remodeling grows and expands, we will never forget how we started: with a few, enthusiastic individuals who believed in the value of hard work and customer interaction. Whether you talk to Altex Remodeling today, tomorrow or ten years from now, these values will still hold true – and that’s a promise we are ready to keep.

Our Values



Quality Work