Permanent Roof Replacement Or Repair

  • Fun Ways To Measure Hail Sizes

    When the storm is pounding, it can be fun for people of all ages to stare out the window, especially when the hail is quite large (We know you won’t be staring out the window when there’s a tornado warning since you’ll be hiding in your safe spot!). The record size of hail documented in Frisco is 2 ¾ inch… read more

  • Quick Fixes For Immediate Roof Leaks

    Following a big storm (or any storm if you want to be thorough), it’s best to do a quick inspection for damage. If a hail-damaged roof goes unnoticed, you may experience leaks, mold, or rotting structure. If a leak is quite apparent, it’s important you do what you can right away to prevent the damage from spreading. Then, call a… read more

  • Permanent Roof Replacement Or Repair

    Once the immediate fix is installed, it’s time to get in touch with the professionals. Professional roofing contractors can visit your home, assess the damage, and help you submit a claim to your insurance company to make sure you get the necessary work completed for an affordable price. Permanent roof repair can include replacing damaged shingles, flashing, or fascia. These… read more